About Us

Who We Are

The UCAC (Universities and Colleges Admission Center) is an educational
recruitment organization that emerged on the local scene on March 2004. Hence UCAC (Universities & Colleges Admission Center, is proudly labeled as an established organization of the new millennium that recruits students for further higher studies to different countries of the world e.g. UK, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Cyprus etc. In this regard UCAC International has exceptionally been engaged in recruiting students to their desired destinations for higher education of their valued students.

Our Aims & Objectives

UCAC International aims to provide quality education at both local and foreign levels to its valued students. So far the time UCAC International has passed in the market of providing higher education UCAC International has been on the top amongst others. The professional & experienced UCAC International staff members begin dealing with valued students with providing accurate information to its valued students. UCAC International team comprises of well educated staff members who guide the valued students to the best of their knowledge. This is called students “Counseling”, the counseling is provided free of charge to the valued students. UCAC International has successfully accomplished this objective.

The other aim of the prestige organization UCAC International is to provide  admissions & services at as low rates as possible but with this aspect, UCAC International never compromised and will never compromise on the quality of education to be provided to students and the quality of institutions we offer.
Therefore UCAC International is standing well enough prominent amongst other providing same services in the market of providing higher education.
UCAC International abides by its motto ‘Promotion of Education’ and strongly advocates it. This is evident from its hardworking its team member supported and guided by the supervisors having experience of more than 12 years.
UCAC International not only provides counseling at educational level but at professional level as well. It deploys services for eligible professionals providing them with a good perspective for the future.

Another aspect of Aims & Objectives of the UCAC International is English & French language courses. These language courses have been adapted to abolish, in other words, to break the language barrier among the people and the society!

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